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We are most pleased to acknowledge the generosity of the following Contributing Partners. Each of the people, institutions. and units listed below has contributed significant time, expertise, and resources to help make the Digital Archives of Literacy Narratives a valuable resource for the public and our profession.

Contributing Partners DALN Narratives Associated with Contributing Partners
Baylor University [DALN narratives "BaylorUniversity"]
.....English Department  
Bowling Green State University [DALN narratives "BGSU"]
.....English Department  
Brigham Young University [DALN narratives "BYUEngEd"]
.....English Department  
Women's Lives in the Profession Project [DALN narratives "CSWP"]
.....CCCC Committee on the Status of Women  
Columbia College Chicago [DALN narratives "cccwr1"]
.....English Department  
Fairleigh Dickinson University [DALN narratives "Reid"]
.....College Writing Program  
Georgia State University [DALN narratives "GSU"]
.....Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
Georgia Southern University [DALN narratives "georgiasouthern"]
.....Writing & Linguistics Department  
Gregory-Portland High School [DALN narratives "GPHS"]
.... Mr. Bryan Davis [DALN narratives "GPHS2012"]
.....Gregory-Portland High School  
Illinois State University [DALN narratives "ILSTU"]
.... Department of English  
.....First-Year Writing Program  
Marshall University [DALN narratives "MarshallUniversity"]
.....Department of English [DALN narratives "English4022009"]
Ohio State University [DALN narratives "OSU"]
.....Digital Media Studies [DALN narratives "Ohio State"]
.....Digital Media Project  
.....Department of English  
.....Center for the Study and Teaching [DALN narratives "CSTW"]
Oakland University [DALN narratives "Oakland University "]
.....Department of Writing and Rhetoric  
.....Festival of Writers  
Tennessee State University [DALN narratives "TSU"]
.....Department of Lang., Lit., and Phil.  
University of Arkansas, Little Rock [DALN narratives "UALR"]
.....Writing and Rhetoric Department  
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign [DALN narratives "UIUC"]
.....Center for Writing Studies [DALN narratives "Illinois"]
.....Writers Workshop [DALN narratives "UIWP"]
.....University of Illinois Writing Project (UIWP)  
.....University of Illinois, Dept. of English  
University of Texas-Dallas [DALN narratives "UTDallas"]
.....Rhetoric Program

University of Texas-El Paso  
.....UTEP Writing Center [DALN narratives "BorderNarratives"]
Winthrop University [DALN narratives "Winthrop University"]
.....Department of English  
.... Writing Program  
.... WRIT 501: Writing for New Media  
DALN Field Researchers
Kara Poe Alexander  
Cheryl Ball  
Angelique Benton  
Patrick Berry  
Chase Bollig  
Timothy Brigg  
Amber Buck  
Adam Cirpili  
Kathryn Comer  
Huey Crisp  
Sally Crisp  
Genevieve Critel  
Doug Dangler  
Susan Delagrange  
Katherine Deluca  
Christine Deneker  
David Fagen  
Sean Fleming  
David Fisher  
Bre Garrett  
Greg Graham  
Gail E. Hawisher  
Jennifer Herman  
Timothy Jensen  
Deborah Kuzawa  
Ben McCorkle  
Susan Blum Malley  
Christopher Manion  
Jennifer Michaels  
Ryan Omizo  
Jason Palmeri  
Penelope Quade  
Mary Sheridan Rabideau  
John Scenters-Zapico  
Richard "Dickie" Selfe  
Rachel Shapiro  
Kelly Munson Smith  
Erika Strandjord  
Christine Tulley  
Patrick Valentino  
Janice Walker  
Chad Weiss  
Joseph Williams  
Melanie Yergeau  
Transcription Services [DALN Narratives "TranscribeOhio"]