Students may find the following links helpful:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Episteme Links

Philosophy on the Web (Hippias and Noesis)

general philosophy related sites

philosophy products to buy -- lots of fun stuff

One of the most comprehensive survey of medieval philosophy websites has been compiled by Prof Paul Spade (Indiana University). Check his website at -

Paul Spade's list of medieval websites

Several websites devoted to ancient philosophy might be of interest to students of Phil 301. These include:

texts and essays devoted to ancient philosophy

useful links in ancient philosophy & science

fun facts and photos

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Regularly Taught Courses

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  • Phil 170: Religion and Science
  • Phil 270: Philosophy of Religion
  • Phil 301: Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil 302: Medieval Philosophy
  • Phil 321: Intro to Jewish Philosophy
  • Phil 306: Existentialism
  • Phil H276: Religion and Science
  • Phil 521: Topics in Jewish Philosophy
  • Phil 602: Topics in Medieval Philosophy
  • Phil 670: Topics in Philosophy of Religion
  • Phil 702: Advanced Topics in Medieval Philosophy

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