Camdol's Life
Jan.25, 1991 - May 6, 2000

This page is dedicated to my beloved dog, Camdol, who passed away on May 6 around 8:00 AM.
He battled congestive heart failure for almost two years.
He fought bravely until his heart finally gave in.
He is still my "Monkey" and my Cam.
Here is Cam's Life...

This is Camdol. His T-Shirt says "Touch Me"

This is Camdol's mom, Camsoon.  Cam looked just like her when he was this age.

            This is Camdol when he was about 5-7 months old.  He was the runt of the litter.  He had a younger sister and a younger brother.  Camdol was born around 12:30 AM on January 25, 1991 in South Korea.  When he was growing up, he was very picky about his food.  He ended up getting vitamin shots once every two weeks due to his lack of appetite.  The picture is out of focus because he wouldn't stay still.

Camdol spent some time in California while I was studying in China in 1994 and 1995.  He enjoyed going for rides, especially going to McDonald's drive-thru.  He also gained a lot of weight during this period.  His favorite food became McDonald's chicken nuggets, without any sauce!

This is one of the rare moment when Camdol was active. I was probably holding some food or something.  Just like his owner, he didn't like to move unless it involved food.

Here is Camdol and me after being separated for about 4 months.  According my sister, Helen, Camdol totally betrayed his chicken nugget buddy.

Camdol lived in Chicago for about 8 months (from August 1997 to April 1998).  He moved to Chicago from Columbus, Ohio where he lived in a spacious two bedroom apartment.  In Chicago, Camdol lived in a small one-room studio.  During the first couple days in Chicago, he kept on running into the bathroom with a very confused look on his face-- as if his "world" suddenly shrank.  He didn't like Lake Michigan very much since he hated getting his feet wet.  He lost most of his teeth in Chicago from chewing on his cage.  His tongue started to hang out without him knowing it.

This is one of those many moments where you are not sure whether this "tongue" sticking out has any actual meaning.

Here is Camdol back in Columbus in May 1998. I am thinking of using this picture for his urn.  I didn't want to bury him in Columbus since I don't know where I will be in the future.  I will carry his urn wherever I go-- including China.  He has been to Korea, California, Illinois, Indiana, Las Vegas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Ohio but he has never been to China before.

Camdol and me in Columbus about 3 years ago (1997).  This was his first time in Columbus.
He was and still is a great part of my life.
He was a lover not a fighter. He got along with all kinds of animals except strangers (mostly my friends!).

I hope he is at a better place where he can do "Camdol" things freely.  The last few months of his life, he was very tired.  He stopped going for walks and couldn't walk up the stairs in the house.  But he still had the appetite of a pig!  When he ate, he made all kinds of noises and messes.  My kitchen floor won't be the same without him.  Every corner of the house has his scent, both figuratively and literally.  I don't know what is there after death, but I hope Camdol knows that his mom loves him very much!