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Merrill Kaplan, Associate Professor

Department of English: http://english.osu.edu/
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures: http://germanic.osu.edu/
Center for Folklore Studies: http://cfs.osu.edu/
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies: http://cmrs.osu.edu/

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Office Information
464 Denney Hall, 164 West 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43210
Email: kaplan.103@osu.edu
Phone: 614 292-6065

PhD (University of California, Berkeley 2006). Assistant Professor of Scandinavian Studies and Folklore.

General Background:

Specializations: Old Norse-Icelandic literature, legend and folk belief, and folklore on and off the Internet.

Articles on: Irruptions of the past and the supernatural in Icelandic sagas; Out-Thoring Thor in the Great Saga of Olaf Tryggvason; Curation and Tradition on Web 2.0; Ibsen's Dramatic Realism and the publication of folklore collections; The Icelandic reception of Ibsen's The Vikings at Helgeland; the curation of folklore online.

Monograph: Thou Fearful Guest: Addressing the Past in Four Tales in Flateyjarbók (Folklore Fellows Communications 301, 2011)

Major courses taught: Nordic Mythology; The Medieval Icelandic Saga; Legend; Myth; Old Norse-Icelandic Language; Folklore Genres

Medieval Iceland and Scandinavia

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