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Despite the whimsical title, this page represents a subject of fundamental importance to military historians.  War and peace are sides of a coin.  One cannot be understood in isolation from the other.  Too often military historians take what might called the "drawn gun" approach to their subject.  It is as if they focus not on the individual who has drawn the gun (his reasons for drawing the gun, why he has one in the first place), but focus on the gun itself--the armed forces--and take violent conflict resolution as a given.

Still worse, military historians tend to utilize the same intellectual categories as the military establishment.  That tendency, to the degree in which it is indulged, makes independent, critical analysis more difficult.  Peace studies provide a highly useful corrective.

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CAIN: Conflict Archive on the Internet. Multimedia study of conflict using Northern Ireland as a case study.

Friends for a Non-Violent World.


H-Minerva. Women and the Military.

The Nonviolence Web

Nonviolence and Nonviolent Action Resources

Peace Studies Resource Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

SAGALA Info: Service Academy Gay And Lesbian Alumni

Yahoo: Peace and Conflict Studies

Alternative Perspectives on "Enduring Freedom" From shortly after the 9/11 attacks

Burdens of Empire, Then and Now - A comparative look at American foreign policy at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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