Interrogating the Project of Military History

March 10  - In an email dated a couple of days ago, Jeffrey Grey also wrote:

The trouble with blogs is that if you actually strike a chord with a reader(s), you end up in the classic journalistic trap of having to satisfy regular demand and meet copy deadlines. It's been a long time between drinks again, and unless I'm the only person in the universe reading your musings (and this I doubt), I'm wondering where the reading group and other related issues are going. So give your thirsting and enthusiastic public their due, and tell us more.

Am I really the only reader who prompts you on this?

Jeffrey is indeed the only reader (so far) who has prompted me to write more, although from time to time I do get emailed comments. 

I myself  am prompted to wonder about the readership of this blog.  It seems to average about ten or fifteen hits a day, but I've no idea whether that means I have a lot of occasional readers or ten or fifteen very dedicated ones.  So, if you would, dear reader:  drop me a line and let me know you're reading this, and (if you like) what you think of it.

Mil gracias, as we say in Spanish 101.

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