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Disconnectedness defines danger.
- Thomas P. M. Barnett

Or at least it defines inefficiency.  Due to the Non-Integrating Gap between the new blog and its predecessor, War Historian is about to undergo reorganization to create a new Functioning Core.  This is entirely a Sys Admin mission.  The site will continue to operate.  Just expect a few perturbations.

If the language of the bulletin strikes you as a little weird, you still need to read The Pentagon's New Map.  This book contains ideas about how to think about post 9/11 national security that are just plain infectious.  Agree or disagree with it, The Pentagon's New Map is worthy of constructive engagement.  -- Mark G., (War Historian)

UPDATE, March 7:  The new Functioning Core--WarHistorian.org--is coming online.  You can access it from here by clicking on either WarHistorian.org or the logo photo above.


Previous Entries

Because blog entries address different subjects, and I revisit subjects periodically as well as develop new ones, I organize past entries by theme.  Entries are listed in reverse order, with the newest entry at the top.

A Postcolonial Military History?

Entry 90.  January 27, 2005.  Amphibious landing.
Entry 88.  January 27, 2005.  The deadly triangle.
Entry 87.  January 27, 2005.  The world according to Jethro.
Entry 76.  January 6, 2005.
  Blasts from the past.
Entry 58.  October 26, 2004.  Essentially.
Entry 57.  October 25, 2004.  Blogging to transgress, sort of.
Entry 47.  September 22, 2004.  Once more unto the breach.
Entry 39.  May 13, 2004.  Forum.
Entry 36.  April 27, 2004.  Strike the Jolly Roger.
Entry 35  April 23, 2004.  No more doubt.
Entry 33. April 21, 2004.  Boss is back.

Entry 29.  April 14, 2004.  Race in the American military experience.
Entry 20. March 10, 2004.  Hello?
Entry 19.  March 9, 2004. Wanted:  one rat's arse.
Entry 18.  March 8, 2004.  Flame-out.
Entry 17. February 24, 2004.  Raw deals.
Entry 16.  February 23, 2004.  Meet the new patriarchy, same as the old patriarchy.
Entry 15.  February 20, 2004.  "Tanks" for your response.
Entry 14.  February 19, 2004.  Is that a gun in your hand, or are you just happy to civilize me?
 Entry 13.  February 15, 2004.  Gut reactions.
 Entry 12.  February 12, 2004. Disappointment and rejection.
Entry 11. February 1, 2004.  American holocaust.
Entry 10.  January 23, 2004.  Of Clausewitz, constipation, and counsel.
Entry 9.  January 21, 2004.  Clausewitz and the Women's War.
Entry 8.  January 17, 2004.  A small essay on A Small Place.
Entry 7.  January 16, 2004.  "Kiss me, Hardy.  I'm a maritime criminal."
Entry 6.  January 14, 2004.  What I saw at the AHA.
Entry 5. December 24, 2003. A mere place-keeping entry. Sue me.
Entry 4. December 18, 2003. My lunch with Maurice.
Entry 3. December 17, 2003. Marco revealed.
Entry 2. December 15, 2003. Setting time limits; a PoCo reading of 1864?
Entry 1. December 14, 2003. How I came to do this.


Writing Projects

War and American Society

Entry 80.  January 21, 2005.  American Bismarck.
Entry 79.  January 20, 2005.  War, society, and Old Abe.

The Wars for the Old Northwest, 1790-1832

Entry 82.  January 23, 2005.  A visit with Carole.


What's This Blog About?
Fair question.  Here I'm placing entries that introduce and/or summarize the main issues addressed in War Historian.  Or sometimes are just the ones I think are the best.  After each summarizing entry is posted, it will go here.  Unlike other entries, you should read these from the top down.  The eventual product will be an abridged, more tightly--or less loosely--version of my perspectives.

The Interrogation Begins . . .

January 24, 2005.  How I came to do this: a (re)introduction.
January 25, 2005.  The view from a "pointless little country."

Particularly Good or Useful Entries IMHO

January 27, 2005.  Cordesman on Iraq, Grand Strategy, and the Military Metanarrative


Counterfactuals and Contingency

Entry 41.  May 16, 2004.  Second-guessing Bobby Lee.
Entry 28.  April 2, 2004.  All too human.
Entry 26.  March 31, 2004.  The Beauregard option.
Entry 25.  March 30, 2004.  For want of Old Pete.
Entry 24.  March 27, 2004.  Generally speaking.
Entry 23.  March 25, 2004.  Truth or consequents.
Entry 22.  March 24, 2004. Nine simple rules for grounding my counterfactual.
Entry 21.  March 22, 2004.  What if you weren't reading this?


A Postmodern Military History?

Entry 55. October 23, 2004.  Tony Cordesman on the military metanarrative.
Entry 52.  October 20, 2004.  Master and meta.

Entry 51.  October 15, 2004.  Up against the wall, metanarrative!
Entry 38.  April 29, 2004.  Cracking the code, part deux.
Entry 37.  April 28, 2004.  The battle of Antietam does not exist.
Entry 34.  April 22, 2004.  C(h)ords.
Entry 32.  April 20, 2004.
  Wandering, wondering, and Washington.
Entry 31.  April 16, 2004.  Cracking the code.

Entry 30.  April 15, 2004. Willing procrastination.

_____________________________________ An Antiwar Military History?

Entry 77.  January 8, 2005.  Bad acts at Bad Axe.
Entry 75.  December 23, 2004.  The rebel Jesus.
Entry 67.  December 4, 2004.  Weekend warriors, then and now.
Entry 64.  November 30, 2004.  Blowback.
Entry 50.  October 14, 2004.  Warrior spirits.
Entry 49.  October 10, 2004.  The long shadow of Sherman's march.
Entry 43.  June 7, 2004.  Drive-by journalism.
Entry 42.  May 19, 2004.  Higher aims.
Entry 40.  May 14, 2004.  Osama bin Sherman.

Forays into the Blogosphere
Comments are tentative, subject to revision, and updated when I get around to it.


NewsLinks-Charles Lipson
(Initially he linked and I linked back.  Apparently it's the done thing among us non-mammals in the ecosystem.  Turns out Charles Lipson is a professor of political science at the University of Chicago and this is a most useful clearinghouse for news, blogs, etc.

(the blogfather of history blogs)
World History Blog
Early Modern Notes
Civil Warriors
(in theory a group blog; nous verrons)
Civil War Bookshelf
(interesting; why aren't there other ACW blogs?)
(mostly history, esp. women's history
Classical Archaeology
(just created; owner is a very promising young historian and veteran of archaeological digs in the United States and Greece; also knows geology--a formidable combination)

Current Affairs
Thomas P. M. Barnett Weblog
(The author of The Pentagon's New Map (PNM) driving that train for all it's worth)
Chez Nadezhda
(it's a new world; the "home of hope" is trying to invent a new way to make sense of it; PNM seems to help)
Irregular Analyses
(we're number # 8475; we try harder:  you go, dudes!)
Big Tent
(as in "big tent" Republicans)

Daily Kos
(I'm learning to be one of Kos's vast left-wing conspiracy of stringers)
Power Line
(the guys that broke memogate)
VDH's Private Papers
(Victor Davis Hanson)
Liberals Against Terrorism
(From the main page: "Liberals against Terrorism and the TerrorWiki are a collaborative online effort to shape a more liberal strategy for defeating terrorism and Islamist radicalism.")
Silent E
("A little glob becomes a globe instantly, If you just add Silent E." - Tom Lehrer)
The Radical Centrist
Informed Comment - Juan Cole, an historian at the University of Michigan, provides a model of constructive public engagement.

Military Affairs

Armchair Generalist
Military Transformation
Loyal Subversive

Personal and Cultural Affairs


Her Own Invention
Ad Astra Per Aspera
(OSU undergrad with heart)
Tel Aviv Journal

Super Mum: Saga Lout...
("middle aged; widowed; Kids growing up; what's left....getting a life") The site directly above War Historian on TTLB, Jan. 29, 2005.
The Daily Typo
Blog/photoblog kept by UK woman

The Blogosphere


(useful tools for all things blog)
Into the Blogosphere
(academic, mostly self-serious critiques of blogdom)
2004 Weblog Awards
(loads of fun)
The Truth Laid Bear:
The Blogosphere Ecosystem

(all blogs are created equal, but they sure don't stay that way)


History of War in Global Perspective

Entry 92.  January 28, 2005.  Silent E Responds to PNM Bashers; Kevin Drum Replies
Entry 91.  January 28, 2005.  Tom Barnett is a Killer Possum!
Entry 72.  December 21, 2004.  Because Ralph would have wanted it that way.
Entry 71.  December 9, 2004.  Making the world safe for globalization.
Entry 70.  December 7, 2004.  Periodizing the history of war, continued.
Entry 69.  December 6, 2004.  Periodizing the history of war.
Entry 68.  December 5, 2004.  Globalizing the history of war.
Entry 66.  December 3, 2004.  Brave new Functioning Core.
Entry 62.  November 18, 2004.  I got your teleology.
Entry 61.  November 15, 2004.  SHAFT in Africa.
Entry 60.  November 14, 2004.  Can you dig it?
Entry 59. November 10, 2004. The dominant tradition.
Entry 56.  October 24, 2004.  War by other means.
Entry 54.  October 22, 2004. Waiting for Graff-man.
Entry 53.  October 21, 2004.  Meta culpa.
Entry 52.  October 20, 2004.  Master and meta.
Entry 51.  October 15, 2004.  Up against the wall, metanarrative!
Entry 48.  October 6, 2004.  The history of white people at war.
Entry 46.  June 14, 2004.  Still struggling.
Entry 45.  June 10, 2004.  The neglected audience.
Entry 44.  June 9, 2004.  The field that isn't.
Entry 27.  April 1, 2004.  A world of war.


Building the Field

Entry 86.  January 26, 2005.  A new recruit.
Entry 83.  January 24, 2005. Civil Warriors.
Entry 81.  January 22, 2005.  Flogging the blog.
Entry 79.  January 20, 2005.  War, society, and Old Abe.
Entry 78.  January 19, 2005.  A promise to start keeping.
Entry 74.  December 23, 2004.  Earn millions for your organization!
Entry 73.  December 22, 2004.  On the road.
Entry 65.  December 3, 2004.  A new home.
Entry 63.  November 19, 2004.  Cackling with glee.
Entry 61.  November 15, 2004.  SHAFT in Africa.
Entry 60.  November 14, 2004.  Can you dig it?


The War in Iraq

Iraq the Model
Free Iraq

Baghdad Burning
(24-year Iraqi woman offers a useful reality check)
Friends of Democracy

Buckeye Blogs (Blogs at The Ohio State University)

Law Dork
(a 3rd year law student at the OSU College of Law; finalist for 2004 Weblog Awards)
Sentencing Law and Policy
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Legal News and Blogs
(lots of links to more blogs; you can click as easily as I can, so go for it)
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My Whatever Blog

Finding Blogs
(shamelessly--no, lovingly--cut and pasted from OSU College of Law Library Student and Faculty Resources)

Daily Whirl
Daypop Searches blogs & RSS feeds, has popularity rankings for blogs
Feedster Searhes blogs & RSS feeds, has advanced search features like searching a customized set of blogs and the Trusted Blog Search Tool
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