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Lucia Costigan, Professor Literatures and Cultures of Latin America, Portuguese

Department of Spanish and Portuguese: http://sppo.osu.edu/

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Office Information
246 Hagerty Hall, 1775 College Road, Columbus, OH, 43210
Email: costigan.2@osu.edu
Phone: 614-292-0833
Fax: 614-292-7726

Office Hours:
OFF DUTY Quarter

General Background:
Areas of specialization:
Latin American colonial literature and culture

Contemporary Brazilian literature and culture

Comparative Latin American literature and culture

Portuguese literature and culture of the late medieval and early modern periods

Current research projects:
Literature and the Inquisition in the New World

Institutions of Colonial Frontiers: Missions and the Inquisition

Contemprary Comparative Literary and Cultural Issues involving Brazil and (Spanish) America.

Latin American Languages & Cultures
Indigenous and Colonial
Transatlantic Studies
Comparative Studies of Lusophone and Hispanic Latin America
Literatures and Cultures of the Portuguese-Speaking World

Lucia Costigan Curriculum Vitae
SP 755 Escritura - Oralidad y Memoria Colectiva en el Nuevo Mundo
Portuguese 333- Brazilian Culture and Society

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