Table 2:

Periodization of Chinese Phonology (Sources*)

Old Chinese Shījīng (詩經) 800 - 600 BC
Early Middle Chinese Qièyùn (切韻) 601 AD
Guǎngyùn (廣韻) 1011 AD (or 1008 AD)
Late Middle Chinese Yùnjìng (韻鏡) 1161 (preface), 1203 AD
Qīyīnluè (七音略) ca. 1162 AD
Sìshēng Děngzǐ (四聲等子) probably N. Song (date and authorship unknown)
Qièyùn Zhǐzhǎng Tǔ切韻指掌圖) ca 1176 - 1203 (S. Song)
Qièyùn Zhǐnán 切韻指南) 1336 AD (Song trad.)
Early Mandarin Zhōngyuán Yīnyùn(中原音韻) 1324 AD (Yuan)

(* For information on dating of various primary sources, see E.G. Pulleyblank (1984) Middle Chinese: A Study in Historical Phonology. Vancouver, Canada: University of British Columbia Press. Pp. 255-257.)

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