The Philosophy of Rhetoric (1776)

An On-line Study Edition

edited by

H. Lewis Ulman
Department of English
The Ohio State University


Roger Graves
Department of English
DePaul University

George Campbell (1719-1796)

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This on-line edition of George Campbell's The Philosophy of Rhetoric (1776) is intended as a collaborative, distributed, and extendable study text. It is collaborative because we hope that you will contribute annotations and commentaries to the text. It is distributed because your annotations and ancillary texts can reside on our web server or at some other site, as long as external materials follow conventions that will allow readers to link back to the main text. It is extendable because the scope of the project can be enlarged in any way that its readers deem appropriate, including adding bibliographical material, related texts, images, original scholarship, and so on. We are calling this a study text because we do not expect or intend that it will replace print editions of Campbell's Rhetoric for the purpose of extended reading. Rather, we hope that this on-line edition will complement print editions.

The HTML text available at this site has been optimized for use with Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or later. In particular, the site makes use of frames in order to provide readers with separate windows, or frames, for navigation buttons, a main text window, and an ancillary text window (for footnotes, commentaries, and so on). However, the text may be viewed with web browsers that do not support frames. In that case, you will have to use your browser's "back" button to return to the main text from ancillary text windows, but navigation links appear at the end of each main text file.

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How to Contribute

We believe that the scholarly value of an on-line text such as this edition of Campbell's Rhetoric lies in its potential as a site for scholarly exchange. Please contribute annotations, commentaries, or ancillary texts that you believe will be of interest to other students of rhetorical history. Each page contain a "Suggestions and Annotations" button by means of which you can send the editors an e-mail message. You can either send us the text of your contribution and an indication of where it should link to Campbell's text, or you can request information on establishing a link from our site to files on your web server. We ask that contributions to the text follow a few simple guidelines:

A Note on the Text

Because of the complementary role for which this text is intended, we have chosen the 1850 Tegg edition of the Rhetoric as our copy text--the same edition that appears in facsimile in Southern Illinois University Press's Landmarks in Rhetoric and Public Address series. We hope that choice will make it easier for readers to use this edition in concert with that widely-available (and still in print) edition. As time permits, we hope to add books 2 and 3 of The Philosophy of Rhetoric and to provide search capability. Other suggestions are welcome.


Preparation of this site would simply not have been possible without generous institutional support and the help of various colleagues. We thank the Ohio State University for a Seed Grant that funded initial preparation of the electronic text, the Department of English at Ohio State for funding to support research assistants, and the College of Humanities at Ohio State for hosting this site on its Web server. We are especially grateful to Robert Davis for his help in preparing the initial electronic version of the text, and to Maureen Burgess for her help in preparing HTML files for this Web site.